Oracle Training in Delhi

What is Oracle?

ORACLE or ORACLE DATABASE is Object-Relational Database Management System designed and marketed by Oracle Corporation. Oracle is completely secure and scalable Relational Database Architecture, which is used to guide local and wide area network and is used by top global businesses. It is one of the most trusted Relational Database engines used worldwide. The main benefits of Oracle training in Delhi are: 

It provides the Centralized Management System.
It provides Standardization and Consistency so that it becomes easy for a technician to solve the problem.
It provides reliability and security in the storage of data.
It facilitates Better Data Design and Mining.
It simplifies Data Administration.

Oracle Training in Delhi is offered by APTRON. We’re a leading Oracle training institute in Delhi. We provide the most learning environment for the major technical course at an affordable price. We provide basic and advanced level Oracle Training in Delhi with proper practical knowledge. At APTRON, Oracle Training in Delhi is offered by corporate trainers with almost 8-10 Years Of Experience.


APTRON has well-prepared hardware lab for Oracle Training in Delhi with best training facilitiesHardware & software are required to learn all the skills set for Oracle training. Our trainers organize job oriented Oracle training. APTRON is one of the well-equipped Oracle training Institute in Delhi. We provide training on a real-time project which helps to student in a better understanding. APTRON & our trainers also help the student to get placement in top MNCs by preparation at different strategies. We have designed Oracle course content and syllabus to achieve their professional goals.




Furthermore, APTRON is the well-known Oracle training center in Delhi with high tech infrastructure & lab facilities. We also provide access to servers so that candidates will implement the projects at home easily. More than 3000+ candidates are mentored by APTRON in Oracle training in Delhi at very affordable fees.


We have evening batches, weekend classes, and regular sessions so that students can join the training according to their time schedule. Our training courses are provided by well-qualified professionals who have attained many awards from several institutes and universities. Supported by genius faculty, we have established ourselves as a most apparent Oracle Training Institute in Delhi and providing the best education to our students.

Best Oracle Training institutes always believes in helping students profile according to Oracle industry demand. In APTRON Delhi real-time Oracle Trainers guide students in various database concepts with international certification level.

Course Objectives

  • Practical training to students by working professionals from leading Software companies.

  • Get trained by working on real-time projects.

  • Interactive sessions make complete interactivity between the student and the trainer.

  • Flexible Timings on Weekday, Weekend & Fast-track sessions.

  • Soft skills to build your technical interview skills.

  • Signed Placement tie-up with more than 200+ companies.

We have advanced labs facilities for students to practice Oracle course and get hands-on experience in each topic that is covered under Oracle Training. In the presence of Oracle Trainer, students can execute all the techniques that have been explained by the instructor. Course Material for Oracle is specially designed to cover all the advanced topics and each of the modules will have both theory and practical classes. Oracle Batch Timings at APTRON Delhi are flexible and students can choose to register the batch as per their requirements. We have a batch starting every week for Oracle for regular students. Weekend batches and fast track batches for Oracle training can be arranged based on the requirement.

Course Content and Syllabus for Oracle Training in Delhi

  1. Introduction to ORACLE

  2. Exploring the Oracle Database Architecture

  3. Creating an Oracle Database

  4. Managing the Database Instance

  5. Managing Database Storage Structures (Tablespaces& Segments)

  6. Administering User Security

  7. Managing Data Concurrency

  8. Managing Undo Data

  9. Configuring the Oracle Network Environment

  10. Backup and Recovery Concepts (cold, hot & RMAN)

  11. Use of RMAN Recovery Catalog& Configuring Backup Settings

  12. Performing Database Backups with RMAN

  13. Performing Database Recovery

  14. Moving Data - Export & Import, External Tables & SQL Loader

  15. Using Flashback Technology I

  16. Using Flashback Technology II

  17. Implementing Oracle Database Auditing

  18. Database Maintenance

  19. Performance Management

  20. Managing Performance by SQL Tuning

  21. Diagnosing the Database

  22. Managing Space

  23. Managing Space for the Database

  24. Managing the ASM Instance

  25. Duplicating a Database / Cloning Database

  26. Data Guard

  27. Installing your Oracle Software

  28. Database Patches & Database Upgrades

  29. Introduction to Real Application Clusters

  30. Making Applications Highly Available with Oracle Cluster ware

  31. Describe the High Availability components of Oracle Cluster ware

  32. Contrast Policy-Managed and Administration Managed database

  33. Describe the functionality of server pool

  34. Describe application placement policy

  35. Create an application Virtual IP

  36. Manage application resources